Accurate Transmissions & Auto Centre Ltd. in Port Coquitlam offers a complete line of drivetrain products for cars and light trucks which include:

  • Domestic and Import Transmissions
  • Automatic and Standard Transmissions
  • High Performance And Heavy Duty Transmissions
  • Transfer Cases (4WD System)
  • Differentials

Throughout our rebuild process, we pay attention to details. It begins with a complete tear down of the unit to its casing and everything is sent through our parts washer for a more thorough inspection afterwards. Our technicians inspect each piece rigorously and replace any parts if found to be defective or worn. During the rebuild process, we ensure that all tolerances are within factory specifications. If an updated part is available for a specific application, we will most certainly use it to increase the durability and performance of our product.

All our automatic transmissions are dynamometer tested; checking for proper shift patterns, response times, line pressures, converter lock-up and stall speed values at varying rpms and loads. This also allows us to monitor torque converter, pump and planetary noise, check for any leaks and make any adjustments as needed to ensure the highest quality and reliability for our customers. Our dynamometer testing machine gives us the leading edge over our competition!

All remanufactured drivetrain products come with a factory 18 months/UNLIMITED kms warranty with an option of a 36 month warranty.